Monday, July 25, 2011

Nana and Grandaddy Come for a Visit

Finn was very excited when he woke from his nap Saturday. Nana and Grandaddy were here for a fun visit! We had a fiesta late that afternoon with Lucy, Jason, Miss. Ava and the boys. Having all the family here together was a blast and made me realize that we don't get together enough. Finn and Miss. Ava are only 13 days apart and will be friends forever! Garrison and Parker, when not eating cheese dip, chips and salsa, had fun playing with the "baby" toys. I believe I heard Parker say that baby toys were boring, but it didn't take him long to find some fun!
I spent too much time in the kitchen, so Joey had the camera. He took some good ones, but not enough!

Next weekend we are celebrating Garrison's 8th Birthday so we will all be together again! Yippee!

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