Monday, July 19, 2010

Birmingham Baby Shower

My also pregnant sister in law, Lucy, planned the most amazing baby shower for Finn and I this past weekend. I saw friends that I haven't seen since high school and we had family from Mobile and Mississippi come spend a wonderful afternoon talking, giggling and enjoying a beautiful day.

I couldn't find my camera until towards the middle to end of the shower so I am waiting to get more pics from friends and family. The food was so good and everything was decorated so nice! The flowers were gorgeous and the company was perfect!

Thank you Lucy, Sue, Jenny, Jeanine, Kelly, Cheryl and Nicky! I love you all so much!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Tirty Tree!

Yesterday was a big day! I turned another year older.
A group of us went to Huck's Place for dinner and even though I'm 32 weeks preggo, I had a blast! It was loud, the food was great and the conversation had everyone all smiles!
P.S....I love this man with all my heart!
The next morning we celebrated my special day over pancakes and Joey gave me the Storksak Emily bag thatk I've been pining over...

We cooked out later in the afternoon and went swimming at my dads house. We got great sun, had homemade strawberry ice cream, and spent even more quality time with my friends and family. Before we left to come back to Birmingham, Mom and Dad gave me a new tv stand which I love. Pictures soon to follow.

It's Raining Baby Gifts for Finn!

This past weekend was a super busy weekend for the Westover's. We not only celebrated baby Finn by honoring him at a shower, but it was also my 33rd birthday!

I went home to Mississippi Thursday night and spent some fantastic quality time with mom. We had a lot of fun shopping and just taking it easy. My MIL Glenda and aunt Jenny came into town from Mobile and we had a nice visit with them, along with some lemon ice box and chocolate pie. Yum.

Saturday was a BUSY day. Joey came to town and just about as soon as he got there, we had to leave to go to Beths house for my first baby shower. Beth, Brenda Comer and Cindy Adams hosted Finn and I a shower and it was perfect!

 Words can't describe how special I felt on Saturday. I saw friends and family that I hadn't seen in years! I can't say thank you enough to everyone for coming to see me and for all the amazing gifts I received.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our red room is no longer a red room. Its a nursery!

Mom has helped me out so much during the last few months. Thank you mom for all your hard work. You  have  more energy than anyone I know! She got us the lampshade. Joey and I picked out this comfy chair, the ottoman isn't in yet.
The crib is perfect! Its rustic which we love, and the bedding was custom made in Los Angeles. Only the best for Finn. :)
 We are keeping the room very natural and peaceful, but I needed to add a little color. What better than red and brown? My two favorite colors. We have the red truck print above, and found this truck and frame:
Joey hung our curtains and my fantastic in laws got us the mobile. I had a hard time taking a picture of the mobile. Its cuter in person.
One of my favorite things in the room was a fluke! I was craving a hamburger so we hit up Hamburger Heaven the other day. Right next door is the neatest store and we went in, not knowing how fantastic of a place it was. I immediately found this shelf and I love it. It looks especially cute with Joey's sailor suit hanging on it!
We aren't quite finished with Finn's room, but we are getting there!